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AOBAKWE offers professional services (design supervision, management, etc.) in the following areas:

5.1 Civil Engineering (Municipal and Township Infrastructure)
These comprise services for the delivery of:

  • Roads,
  • Storm water,
  • Water network reticulation,
  • Sewer reticulation,
  • Housing development
  • Recreational facilities
  • Private Commercial vehicle terminal
5.2 Structures and Buildings
  • Buildings (educational structures, shopping malls and complexes, hospitals, stadia, recreational facilities);
  • Bridges & Culverts;
  • Water retaining Structures (concrete structures for sewage, water purification,
  • reservoirs and water towers);
  • Steel structures (warehouses, malls, complexes, etc);
5.3 Geotechnical and Earthworks
  • Earthworks
  • Foundations
5.4 Transportation, Roads & Highways
  • Transportation Planning
  • Public Transport Planning and Management
  • Public Transport Investigation
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Impact Assessment
  • Transport Safety
  • Paved roads (asphalt, bituminous, block paving, etc)
  • Gravel roads (new construction, upgrading, etc)
  • Operation and Maintenance of roads and toll facilities
  • Transport studies & analyses





5.5 Water Development and Supply
  • Bulk water supplies (pump stations, rising mains, reservoirs, pipelines, etc.)
  • Municipal/township water network reticulation including upgrades
  • Water Demand management
  • Catchment management
  • Earth fill dam engineering
  • Irrigation engineering
  • Master plans for water development and supply
5.6 Sewerage, Storm water and Sanitation
  • Bulk sewer pipelines, treatment works, detention ponds, manholes
  • Bulk storm water pipelines, drop inlets, drainage receptacles, etc
  • Master plans for storm water and sewerage for municipalities and townships
  • Flood lines determination
  • Sanitation in rural communities
5.7 Environmental Engineering
  • Landfill disposal sites
5.8 Project Management
  • Management of civil/structure infrastructure
  • Management of MIG funding and projects
  • Management of donor/NGO funding on projects
5.9 Construction Management
  • Management of small contractor development programmes
  • Management of contractors on turnkey projects
  • Provision of construction management capacity on projects